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Need YOGAP writers!

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There is only one issue currently of my Discordian fake newspaper, Ye Olde Goldyn Apple Presse, because the boojum ate the old issues. And writing for this fake newspaper is fun but takes ages and wears me out. I was hoping, then if I might get some help?

YOGAP needs writers who don't mind their stuff being kopylefted ("reprint what you like"). Here's what I need stuff for, specifically:

* Comic strips
* Political cartoons
* Fake "interesting people" articles (I currently write those under the fake name "Mrs. Appleberry Crunch Cereal")
* Fake celebrity news (can be about real celebrities, fictional celebrities, or inanimate objects that are famous/infamous)
* Fake classified ads
* Fake (or real) letters to the editor(that's me)/opinion stuff
* Fake news for these reports: Science Report, Religion Report, Crime Report, Sports News,
* Fake weather forecast stuff
* Fake advertisements
* Topics for Bishop Sanctimonious's opinion column
* Jesus H. Christ will be writing the opinion column again at some point, we need ideas for that. You could also write an opinion column or two and we could put it under his name.

Please read the current YOGAP issue first if you're interested in submitting content for it. Content should be submitted to my email address ( so that not everyone and his dog can read it ahead of time. But simple interest or questions can be said in the comments of this post.

I already have a Dischordian Horrorscope for issue 2, and prefer to write that for myself. Though if you have ideas for gruesome ways to die/be maimed and what a horrorscope might say to help you prevent those unfortunate things, then please email me at

Anything else that might be in a newspaper that we can spoof, let me know. I need ideas as much as anything else.
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