tgecko (tgecko) wrote in haileris,

The Cabbage's Natural Enemy

This shall heretofore be known as the introductory post of the small and humble gecko. Let it be known that in evidence of the small and humble gecko's belief in the occassional and mighty powers of Eris shall be evidenced in a tattoo of the one true Cheshire cat and not the ripoff done by the evil corruptor of children, Disney.

the small and humble gecko works in the greatest example of Erisian forces at work, the US government (which shall be henchforth referred to as "that one place" to create confusion among the ranks). the small and humble gecko is in fact not a small and humble gecko, but that is a secret that will not be revealed upon pain of death.

the small and humble gecko may also be referred to as the small and humble gecko despite not actually being a small and humble gecko and could perhaps even be considered the anti-small and humble gecko.

On a closing note, the small and humble gecko does not exist.

In other news, I have recently re-discovered Discordianism, even though since everyone's a member I never really left in the first place. And I like jello. I think that covers the important stuff.
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