The Freelance Zenarchist (lunaticxfringe) wrote in haileris,
The Freelance Zenarchist

Suppressed Teachings

I asked Eris about the Discordians before the Great Revival of Fiftyeightorfiftynine.  "Not much is known about them, even by me, but I can tell you that their Esoteric teachings are disguised in the children's song 'All Around the Mulberry Bush' and it's physical representaion, the jack-in-the-box."
"The monkey and the weasel represent the hodge and podge respectively, though it's never clear which is which at any given moment.  They eternally run after one another around the Sacred Chao, represented by the mulberry bush (mulberry bush being ancient mesopotamian slang for 'that hole on women that babies come out of'), arguing over who has the divine right to implant their seed in the Chao for gestation...."

"And what comes out of this Holy Procreation?"  I interjected, "The archetypal clown that comes popping out of the jack-in-the-box!" I interjected

"Actually, that was only added because the original idea of a knife wielding gypsy was deemed not kid-friendly in test markets."  She replied.
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